Twenties Fashion: Inspired by The Great Gatsby

The coinciding fashion and glamour of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ has soared in popularity after the release of Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic adaptation of the 1925 novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby. Depicting the unprecedented economic affluence and glorious splendour of the 1920s, the film charts the lives of millionaire Jay Gatsby, his love interest Daisy Buchanan, and neighbour Nick Carraway; along with a credible portrayal of the flapper culture of the period, the development of jazz music and the criminal activities of the time. The glamour, extravagance and garishness of the 1920s can be seen through the alluring apparel and dazzling accessories of Daisy Buchanan. So what better way to channel the inner flapper in you than to take a leaf out of Buchanan’s style diary.

You can go head-to-toe 1920s flapper girl or you could just choose to wear one or two pieces that enunciate the period. And it is not necessary for it to be a costly affair as the High Street is teeming with 1920s inspired clothes and accessories, so you do not need to look far or stretch your bank balance for that matter. As you can find a number of items of clothing as well as accessories that evoke the era and encapsulate the 1920s flapper girl at affordable prices.

Some of the must-have twenties fashion pieces include first and foremost, the infamous twenties headband, that can consist of feathers, flowers and many other forms embellishment. Another must-have accessory to channel that 1920s fashion illustrated by none other than Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby are the all essential pearls. You can find many faux pearl necklaces, headpieces, handchains and much more on the High Street at a fraction of the price for real pearls. The cloche hat was another popular fashion accessory for the 1920s, which was accompanied by a radical move to cut the hair into a bob style to sit perfectly underneath the hat. Then there is the dress which also transformed from the usual corset and fitted styles of earlier decades towards a looser style – representing a break from the more restrictive moral codes of behaviour towards looser morals – which would have usually had a dropped waist, knife pleats, gathers or tiers to give that flapper girl ambience as well as allowing more movement to perfect that Charleston, making it more functional than the dresses of prior decades.  The bags were usually geometric shapes such as a box bag. Whilst the in shoes for the twenties would have had to be T-bars or Mary Jane’s and given that the hemlines of dresses became shorter during this period it enabled such beautiful footwear to be seen.

There were of course many changes occurring in the twenties such as women gaining the right to vote, the ability to enter the workforce in vast quantities and the prohibition of alcohol which only saw its consumption and the crime of bootlegging increase immeasurably. Accompanying these changes were changes in fashion trends that saw a relaxation of the restrictions of previous decades and trends that made clothing more practical and accessible for women. Consequently, the word flapper was the name given to women of this period who followed these new trends.

Have a look at some of our twenties girl finds:


Waterfall Headband and Hand Harness, Asos, £45


Flapper Jewel Headband, Asos, £18


Jewel Petal Flapper Headband, Asos, £10


Cream and Gold Pearl Necklace, New look, £7.99


Pink and Blue Beaded Scallop Collar Necklace, New Look, £9.99



Pearl Triple Rope Necklace, New Look, £5.99



Art Deco Sequin Shift Dress, Frock and Frill, £125


Mint Green Embellished Dress, Miss Selfridge, £95



Zelda Flapper Dress, Frock and Frill, £135


Gem and Bead Box Bag, Miss Selfridge, £39


Embellished Scallop Trim Bag, Miss Selfridge, £35


Feather Cape, Biba at House of Fraser, £85


Feather Stole, Biba at House of Fraser, £125


Cream shoes, Miss Selfridge, £75

Twenties fashion was not afraid to dazzle its admirers, with art deco embellishment that did not shy away from being beautifully adorned with beads, pearls, sequins and everything in between. So find your favourite pieces inspired by The Great Gatsby and the renewed love for twenties fashion that it brings with it. And do not be afraid to mix and match as that is all part of the fun.

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