Statement Winter Knit

So over the last few days you may have noticed a slight drop in temperature leading to you raiding the back of your wardrobe to get those slightly warmer clothes out, often if you’re anything like us you’ll find that when you get all your clothes out for the colder days they are something you’re not too keen on wearing. Maybe the fashion is too last year, maybe you wore it too much and it’s looking a bit old or maybe you just want some new clothes this winter.

We’ve been on the lookout for the latest knit which are not only going to keep you a bit warmer during the winter months but that are also going to be statement pieces which can make a whole look complete. Luckily the people over at My-Wardrobe have been busy sourcing the very best knit from designers including Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and lots of other great names who have created some of the best knit we have seen for years. When we were browsing the collection we instantly had a long list of knit that was quickly on our ‘we need this in our life’ list.

Statement KnitAbove are the favourite six that we believe will make great statement pieces for your wardrobe this season, not only do you know they look great but the quality of these will mean you’ll be able to wear them on a regular basis and for many colder seasons in the future.


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