Pikachu Onesie – where to buy one

When we first saw a Pikachu onesie we have to say we did fall in love, I know a few people may be questioning our thoughts but we did grow up in the era where Pokemon was the biggest craze around and so we have Pikachu and his friends a little place in our heart. Now if you’ve never worn a onesie before then buy one or try one on as we’ve found that people who say they don’t like them normally haven’t tried them on and as soon as they do they start to change their minds as they are incredible comfy things to wear.

The below Pikachu Onesie’s are all available from Amazon. Click here to view all the Pikachu Onesies on Amazon.

Where to buy one?

Without doubt the best place to find an array of Pikachu onesies is from Amazon, what’s great about Amazon is that they are one of the best known retailers on the internet, offer very quick delivery and many people already have an account with them so it makes it easier to buy.

Where to wear them?

Now there really are no limits to where you can wear a Pikachu onesie however most people tend to wear them around the home rather than out and about although this is quickly changing with many choosing to wear them at festivals such as Glastonbury, V fest and other festivals around the UK. A question often asked is are there men’s pikachu onesie and women’s one’s different, the question is answered easily as most of them are unisex meaning as long as the size fits then they can worn by both men, women and children.

Pikachu was always the most popular and featured Pokemon in the series of Pokemon as the main character ‘Ash’ used to always have Pikachu out and walking with him, this mixed with his yellow cute look means he was a big hit with fans across the world and these fans want to have a onesie with him on it.

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