Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch trend

We are big fans of accessories when it comes to fashion and it’s not often you’ll see us mentioning jewellery and other accessories that go with outfits we put together. The Michael Kors rose gold watch is an item that we have always loved and we decided to make a post about the different watches available from this brand as well as our favourite from the collection.

Michael Kors is a fashion designer who is currently based in New York and designs a range of fashion items including watches, his style and designs have proved succesful around the world and his famous watches are a big hit with many. The rose gold colour is very in this summer although it has always been a favourite for many due to the less harsh colour and more feminine design that evolve from this type of colour.

View the Michael Kors Rose Gold watches available at Goldsmiths here

The above watches are available to purchase online from Goldsmiths you can view the whole range including Michael Kors watches online.

We didn’t quite realise that there when looking for a Michael Kors rose gold watch that there would be such a large collection of over 10 rose gold watches to choose from, which is our favourite, well it took quite a while to work out but we are quite big fans of the watch with the blue face as it stands out but not too much, a bit of a statement piece which we could imagine pairing with a similar coloured clutch bag, although we also see all of them as great pieces that you can match with your outfit. Many of the watches are water resistant from depths up to 100 metres so they’ll be fine to take into the shower, bath or when you take a dip in a swimming pool (if you do purchase one then check it is water resistant as a few aren’t)

The prices of the Michael Kors watches vary but they start at around £200 and go up to just under £300 which is a fair amount for the quality and design that you get from these watches, you’ll also be able to wear them year round as they will go with your summer, winter, autumn and spring outfits. Let us know which is your favourite out of the collection above as we’re interested to know how others look at these watches, maybe rose gold isn’t your thing so you don’t like any of them or you may already own one of them. Maybe you’ve seen some rose gold watches from another brand which you prefer and then we can add them to this page and let others know the other options out there.

The Michael Kors selection at Goldsmiths isn’t just for watches though as they have some beautiful statement pieces such as rings, bracelets and earrings which you’ll fall in love with, we know we certainly did and have added all the products below into our wishlist.  The range is available exclusively as Goldsmiths so if you like them you’ll only be able to get them from this retailer.

All of the above items are available from Goldsmiths here so let us know your favourite items and if you plan on buying any of them or adding them to your wishlist.



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