Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision Shirts

If you’ve seen the new Justin Timberlake video for his new song Tunnel Vision then you’ll know that it’s caused quite a bit of controversy as there are a lot of topless women in it, this has meant that the originl video isn’t available to watch on YouTube due to the ‘No Nudity’ policy that they have in place, however they have a video that is toned down which you’ll see below . Apart from this though you may have noticed the clothes that Justin Timberlake is wearing in particular the grey shirt and denim shirt that he adorns during the video.

 Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision Shirt

The grey shirt that he wears is exclusively available from AllSaints here, the Redondo Half Sleeved Shirt is available to purchase in the UK here although at the time of writing it they are waiting for stock so if there isn’t any in stock keep checking back because as you’ll guess it’s selling pretty well.

Tunnel Vision ShirtShirt in Tunnel Vision Video

Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision denim shirt

The denim jacket that he wears in the video is also available from All Saints and you’ll be able to purchase the All Saints Duncan Denim Shirt in the UK on the AllSaints website here.

Tunnel Vision Denim shirt

Justin Timberlake Denim Shirt

The new video has already had millions of hits and the song is set to become a number one in countries around the world, if you love the JT look as much as many do in the video then you can get your hands on each shirt for £85 for the Denim one and under £40 for the cotton one. So if you wear wandering where Justin Timberlakes clothes were from in this video then you’ll have found the answer here, if you are not sure and wan to watch the Tunnel Vision video again then it’s below for you to watch.

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