How To Start a Fashion Blog

So let me guess: You love clothes and want to start a fashion blog?

Let me guess something else? Others have told you that you should start one or you’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now.

Don’t let another day pass! Start your fashion blog today!

Take the next 20 minutes and follow the simple 3 step guide below and you will have your own fashion blog up and running ready to show the world!

How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

Follow these 3 steps to start your fashion blog:

1. Set up a domain name and hosting

2. Install WordPress

3. Make it look pretty and launch it

  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Make it look good

1) Setting up a domain name & hosting account

Don’t worry this is the fun bit and it’s super easy too!

Firstly, you’ll need a domain name, you can get one for free when you select your hosting account from our recommended company Bluehost, so we’ll do this step first.

Head to Bluehost and select the starter (don’t worry if you’re from the UK, the price is $ just means it’s even cheaper for you) , this is great value, you’ll pay upfront for the year and save lots of money too. You’ll then get your domain name for free!

Select the web hosting

Here’s the fun bit, It’s time to select what you website will be called i.e Picking a domain name!

As you see my domain name is, the best way to come up with one is to brainstorm as many name ideas as possible, then enter them in the box like below and find one that is available.

Selecting a domain name

Follow the steps on the Bluehost site and once you’ve set it up and paid you’ll have the two important parts: your domain name and hosting (hosting is needed to keep your files/posts/photos etc on)

You’ll see this package information page and you can copy the settings I use as it’s what I personally recommend.

Note: I opt for the Domain Privacy Protection as this hides your address & phone number from people the public view.

Congratulations Options

Congratulations, you’ve done step 1, now time for step 2.

2) Installing WordPress

Once you’ve got your hosting and domain name it’s time to set up WordPress, this is the world’s most popular blogging software for the reasons that it’s easy to use, easy to make look beautiful and best of all it’s free!

Here’s how:

Login to Bluehost and go to the ‘Website Builders’ area and select the WordPress option.

Select WordPress


Then click “install” once the next page has loaded (it’s in the “Do it yourself FREE” area”)

Install it

Select your domain from the drop down and click the “Check Domain” button.

Select the checkbox

Then select the ‘I have read the terms and conditions’ box and click “Install Now”

Nearly there!

This shouldn’t take long and once it’s finished you’ll see a “Your install is complete!” message. Now make sure you click the “View Credentials” button and make a note of the Admin URL, Username, and Password. (Don’t worry you can change them at a later date to something you’ll remember)


Now go to your web browser address bar and enter the Admin URL and go to the website, you’ll see a login box, simply enter your Username and Password from the step above.

Wordpress admin area

Congratulations, that’s step 2 done and dusted!

3) Making it look good!

Right now you’ll have your very own domain name and blog! Feels good doesn’t it fellow blogger! You’re only a few minutes away from writing your first post about your new dress or favourite pair of shoes!

Your site will probably look a tad plain so it’s time to make it look beautiful, you can do this by adding a ‘WordPress Theme’ , there are loads which are free just have a look here or you can get one of the more beautiful ones which cost a little money.

1. The Thesis Theme – Easy to use, you can customise it nicely and one I’ve used before many times!

2. ThemeForest – they have a massive range of different themes for you to choose from. Our top picks: Mode theme (great if you like clean looking blogs) & DeVoe (beautiful for fashionistas!)

Once you’ve made your blog look beautiful it’s time to start posting! Most of WordPress is straight forward, if you want to write a blog post head to the ‘Post’ area and click ‘Add New’ if you want to add photos to a post click ‘Add media’ etc. If you get stuck on something you can normally find the answer by asking Google e.g “How do I add a sidebar to wordpress”

Don’t forget to share your blog in the links below or if you have any questions feel free to post them below!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post pay me a small commission for recommending you, note I only recommend companies I use and love!

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