DIY Book Clutch – How to make a Book Clutch

We recently blogged about book clutch bags and although these are nice you are limited to what the retailers are selling so you may have a favourite novel and want a clutch from it but it’s not available online. Now there is a real solution to this and it’s simply, do it yourself. DIY book clutch bags are relatively simple to make as long as you have a bit of patience and time, we’ve searched all over the web for the best tutorials on how to make a book clutch bag and you’ll find the best below.

The best tutorial that we have found for making a book clutch is from the guys over at RunwayDIY and below you’ll find images for all the steps on how to make one for yourself as well as the supplies you’ll need.

DIY Book Clutch How to make a book clutch diy-book-clutch



What you will need to make this great book clutch


 The steps

We absolutely love this tutorial and it’s a big thanks to RunwayDIY for putting it together, now you’re next task is to make your own, we recommended that you find a good sturdy hardback book to use and one that looks great too as at the end of the day you’ll be carrying it around on show, if you don’t have any suitable books then you can always nip down to your local second hand book shop, visit a car boot sale or find a suitable book on Amazon for you to use.

We would love to see any creations you have made or any that you have seen, we will be making our own tutorial on how to make a book clutch later this year for you all to see but we couldn’t resist posting this DIY book clutch tutorial as it’s the best we have seen around.

If you aren’t much of a DIY kind of person then you can choose to purchase a ready made book clutch, you can often be surprised at the availability of fashion items on eBay and don’t worry the majority of fashion nowadays on this auction website is brand new and sold direct by retailers, small businesses and boutiques. The following book clutch bags are all available to be purchased on eBay.


Dare to be different book clutch – eBaydareclutchPearls of Wisdom Clutch Book Bag available from eBaypearlsclutchIf you’re a fan of Disney then this Snow White Book Clutch Bag may be the perfect accessory for you, although it is located in the US they seller offers international shipping.


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