Calling All Denim Lovers

Selfridges London’s new Denim Studio has opened, covering a remarkable 26,000 square feet, it proffers over 11,000 pairs of jeans ranging from £11 to £11,000 in price and including more than 60 different brands. The £11 pair of jeans are from Primark, whilst the £11,000 pair of jeans have been designed by Paige, a premium LA denim label, and Susan Foster, a fine jewellery designer. These hand-made pair of jeans have been embellished with angel charms, which are encrusted with more than two carats of diamonds, encased in blackened 18 carat white gold.

Primark Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans

Primark Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans, £11


The Selfridge in Luxe Paige Denim, £11,000

Needless to say, the Selfridges Denim Studio endeavours to cater for every palate, so you’re bound to find your perfect pair of jeans within your price range. For the first time, Primark will be seen being stocked in a store other than its own. Whilst J. Brand will be seen to launch its UK Flagship store within the Studio at Selfridges. Contemporary labels such as Citizens of Humanity, Paige as well as high fashion creations by Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham will feature alongside more traditional brands such as Lee and Levi’s.

The Denim Studio also features a Fit Studio, which provides shoppers with advice from numerous denim experts. Whilst the Denim Tailor can make your denim bespoke in two hours time.


To celebrate its launch models Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner were enlisted to assist in the world’s first co-created campaign which took place in Selfridges Hotel on Thursday 23rd June, which has been entitled #DenimLovers. The idea behind it being to invoke the constant tweeting culture of today and use that in a campaign that could be documented no better than through the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Selfridges used the democratic social media culture of today in its campaign for arguably one of the most democratic fabrics, denim; which can be seen to be worn by the common man on the city streets as well as by celebrities on the red carpet, and appears to transcend the limits of age, social class and continents too.

300 of the best fashion editors and top bloggers were invited to take part in the campaign, dressed in denim, with their camera phones at the ready. The Hotel was turned into a makeshift studio for the night and saw photographer Tom Craig lead the guests in their amateur fashion photography for the shoot, while Jourdan and Rosie danced to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. The crowd then witnessed them take their phones out of their back pockets to take their own pictures (or ‘selfies’).


The pictures from everyone’s vantage point were combined to create a mass collage. The result was a real collaboration which went live on Monday 24th June. The interactive version on Selfridges’ website allows you to explore the collage’s composition and discern each photographic contribution. Have a look at the collage below:


The Mass Collage Created for Selfridges’ Denim Lovers Campaign

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