5 Year Old Style Icon Alonso Mateo

When you flick through the pages of GQ or a fashion related magazine you’ll  often come across a fine array of some very dapper looking chaps and you’ll hear that little voice inside your head say ‘I wish I could dress like that’ but for most of us that’s just a dream. However, for one 5 year old from Laguna Beach it is not a dream at all but in fact a reality.

Alonso Mateo is a 5 year old American who has become an Instagram favourite of many due to the photoshoot style pictures of him wearing the latest fashion, looking a lot like he’s just stepped out of a GQ magazine. Have you ever seen a child so stylish? The answer is a resounding no. He is by far the best dressed child we have ever seen and we absolutely love the photos that he posts. We’ve put together some of our favourite looks from his Instagram, where he has more than 3,800 followers and counting. If there’s one person that ought to be followed, it has got to be him.

So where does he get this dapper style from? According to his mother, a freelance stylist with a staggering 125,000 following on her own Instagram, it mainly comes from himself as he tends to choose a lot of his clothing on his own. It obviously helps that Alonso’s mother is a stylist and that his father is the owner of a large private equity firm. It means brands such as Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Dior, Gucci and Armani are all regularly shopped at by them.

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