22 of the best Bodycon dresses for summer 2013

Body con dresses are the hottest trend this summer and many fashion retailers are selling them but with so many selling them it can be a time consuming task browsing through all the sites to find the perfect bodycon dress for you, that’s why we’ve made it easier as we’ve put together our top 22 body con dresses for the summer 2013. Body con dresses show off your curves and make you stand out from the crowd, simple bold colours work well with statement shoes and pattern body con dresses can work well with any accessory.

Who suits a bodycon dress?

Body con dresses are elasticated and made to be very fitted, this means they will show all your curves and shape, they were originally designed for those with an hour glass figure but have since been worn by many who love to show off their curves. You’ll no doubt have seen many people out on nights out wearing bodycon dresses and some figures may not suit them, ultimately it is up to you and if you are happy and look good in one. The dresses are designed to hug your body in all the right places so you should look great whatever you figure.

The name of these dresses actually is short for “Body Conscious” and this is as when wearing them your body shape will be on show, thus you’ll be conscious of your shape and so these are often worn by those who are happy with their body, shape and figure. Confidence makes a big difference when you are wearing one of these dresses so make sure you wear it with pride and be confident and you’ll glow and your dress will show off your shape.

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