17 beautiful bandeau bikinis for the summer

One of this years hottest looks in terms of swimwear is the bandeau bikini, these bikinis are strapless and most often fastened at the back or at the front although some are made from the right level of elastic that means it doesn’t need a clasp at all. We’ve searched the UK’s favourite retailers for the best and most beautiful bandeau bikinis for the summer of 2013.


American Stars & Stripes Bandeau Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.ukasos-bandeau-bikinis

These three bikinis are available from Asos.combandeau-bikini

Pattern Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk


Army style bikini – available here at Boohoo


Bandeau Blue Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk


Red & white striped bikini – available here at Boohoo


White Bandeau Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk


White and Black Bikini – available here at Boohoo boohoo4

Black & Pink Bikini – available here at Boohoo


Black Bandeau Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk blue-bandeau-bikini

Missguided Blue Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk


Red Bandeau Bikinis from Miss Selfridgepinkbandeau

Pink Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk pink-bikini-bandeau

White Bird Bikini from Miss Selfridge


Yellow Bandeau Bikini – available here at Missguided.co.uk

A bit of history of the bandeau garment, it’s history goes right back to the Roman times however it was only in the 1920’s when the term was first related to the modern clothing that women wear, in this era it was related to a very simple brassiere that was used to support and shape women’s breast, however it was more often than not used to flatten a women’s assets as this was the fashion during these years. Later on in the mid 1940’s to the 50’s they were introduced as swimsuits and swimming costumes and has since seen a ride of increases and decreases in popularity over the years. Since 2005 the Bandeau bikini has seen a steady rise in popularity helped by highstreets reintroducing them and heavy promotion and marketing of them in magazines and via advertising.

Whether it’s for a summer holiday to spain or maybe you just want a new bikini for the beach in the UK, that’s with us having our fingers crossed that we get a good summer here. Whether your style is a plain bandeau bikini or maybe you prefer a floral style you’ll find plenty of retailers who have a big range of these bikinis for you to choose from. Don’t forget when you do select one that you check for discounts and perks from our website to make the big savings when you place an order online.

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