15 of the best Mens Swim Shorts

The sun has started to shine, well for some of us anyway and this can only mean one thing: thinking of that holiday you have booked this summer. You remember those old swim shorts you have from last year which are a bit old and in need of ditching or maybe you just fancy a brand new pair that are in fashion for this season. Either way we’ve searched the web and found our 15 favourite men's swim shorts for 2013 which you can find below. Starting from just £17 up to £50, there is something to suit all budgets and styles.

As you may have noticed flowers and some rather fancy designs are in this year as well as bold block colours such as the pink, green and red shorts at the bottom of this page which are all one colour. You'll find that they are all available to order online from various retailers and we have linked the products to the corresponding sites should you wish to purchase them.

Black Flowers – Urban Outfitters £38

Hilfiger Denim Shorts – Very.co.uk – £50hilfiger

Blue Birds – UrbanOutfitters – £28birds Blue Dotted – Allsaints £50bluedotted Blue Striped – Allsaints £50 bluestripes Camo Swimshorts – Topman £22camoswimshorts Green Swimshorts – Topman £22
greenswimshorts Pink striped – Allsaints £50 redstriped


G-star green shorts – Very.co.uk £24gstarswimshorts Red Swimshorts – Topman £20redswimshorts

Stripe Swimshorts – Urban Outfitters £58stripeswimshorts

Orange Swim Shorts – Very.co.uk – £17orangeswimshorts

Bright Pink Swim Shorts – Superdry £34.99brightpink Stripe Superdry Swim Shorts £39.99superdry1 White Swimshorts – Superdry £39.99superdry2

We love the range of designs that are available this year and our personal favourite are the floral designs that allow men to wear something a bit more interesting than plain colours. When it comes to finding swim shorts for men it can be a tricky process to find ones that suit you and often you’ll not know which store to begin with. This is where we help, with the 15 designs above from retailers you may have heard of as well as from those you may not have.

Let us know which are your favourite pair of swim shorts or if you have found some that you think are worthy of the top 15 list for Summer 2013. We'll look at adding a range for next summer as well as adding to this one when we come across new shorts.

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