10 Amazing & Strange Catwalks

When you think of catwalks you’ll no doubt think of a room filled with chairs, a catwalk down the middle and that’s pretty much it, but who knew there were so many odd and strange catwalks around the world, we’ve found a mix of strange and amazing catwalks for you to have a little look around below.

1. The Great Wall of China Catwalk

One of the wonders of the world was turned into a catwalk by fashion designer Karl Lagerfield, this stunning location held a catwalk show in 2007 with some of the worlds top models and fashion people. The ancient wall runs for over 1,500 miles and needless to say only a very small section of it was transformed for the evening into this spectacular event. Famous faces to hit the event include Kate Bosworth who wore a black and white coat and Thandie Newton.

Great Wall of China Catwalk

2. Underwater Catwalk

When a new department store in Seoul was due to open the bosses decided that they needed a marketing stunt that would create some hype and exposure, they decided that an underwater catwalk would be perfect and that’s what they did. Fashion designer Park Sul-nyeo designed traditional Korean outfits known as Hanbock and the models then took to the water for the catwalk to start.

underwater catwalk

3. Berlin Underground Catwalk

The Berlin underground catwalk event has now been running for over 5 years, the event happens during Berlin fashion week and is now one of the most popular parts of the whole week, models hit the underground trains and make an impromptu catwalk modelling new fashion from both new designers as well as established ones.

Underground Catwalk Berlin

4. World’s Longest Catwalk

A catwalk normally isn’t that long but this catwalk in Hong Kong was aiming to buck that trend and break the world record for the longest catwalk and it did it. At just under 2 miles long (3.2 km) the catwalk ran along the edge of the water in Hong Kong with the stunning backdrop of the city and the sky scrapers. The walk took models around 45 minutes to complete and there were over 300 models who walked the length. The catwalk was hosted by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and the Danish Fashion Institute.

worlds longest catwalk

5. Iceberg Catwalk

In 2010 the Chanel AW fashion show decided that they were going to mix up the set traditions of a catwalk and placed a massive piece of ice onto the catwalk, by massive we mean that this iceberg weighed over 250 tons!

iceberg catwalk

6. Gatwick Airport Runway Catwalk

Being one of the major airports in London, Gatwick was host to a unique and unusual event which was a catwalk on one of the runways. Storm Model Management put on this runway as part of a launch stunt to find new model talent. This idea comes from a history of the company spotting Kate Moss in JFK airport by Sarah Doukas who is the founder of Storm Model Management, from her being spotted in this airport to being the huge success she is now they plan on doing the same with new models from this launch.
Gatwick catwalk

7. The Naked Catwalk

A catwalk with no clothes… doesn’t sound much like a catwalk like we traditionally think but that’s where the Perfume Shop decided to innovate, in 2006 they held the first Naked Fragrance Fashion show where a range of nude models walked up a catwalk wearing nothing except for fragrances. The audience members were made to wear blindfolds so they would only concentrate on the aromas from the fragrances rather than the nude models.


8. The Catwalk on fire

This catwalk and fashion show was made more exciting and dangerous by setting some of the models on fire, don’t worry though they were specially trained and were covered in a gel to protect them from the fire.

fire catwalk

9. Hologram Catwalk

Burberry held a special event to celebrate the opening of a new flagship store in Beijing, with a live performance from Keane they put on a massive catwalk however it had one major twist and that was that it was all holograms. The models seemed to explode and move in odd ways and this was due to them all being holograms. A unique and truly amazing example of a catwalk with a difference.

10. The Bald and Bearded Catwalk

Now catwalks can often show crazy clothing but the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin was made even stranger by Patrick Mohr’s catwalk which saw all the models wearing beards and having bald heads. Definately some of the oddest looking models we have ever seen.
Seen any other strange or amazing catwalks then let us know and feel free to mention this post and share it on your own blog.

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