O’2ND at MyWardrobe

Sometimes you simply fall in love with a label and you’ll end up noticing you do this quite often with brands which are featured on the My-Wardrobe website, one that recently struck in our hearts was that of  O’2nd which is a contemporary brand that has it’s roots from Seoul. A number of designers all contribute to one single vision and create some stunning clothing from this philosophy. The brand symbolises the urban side of life we live in with the hand crafted feel. The clothing range is perfect for wearing to your work while many pieces are also ideal for wearing for any occasion.

Below are a few of our favourite pieces from this brand, all available from MyWardrobe site


Rose Print Pleated Long Skirt


White & Blur Judre cotton collar piece


Rose Print Puff Slevel Shirt

“O’2ND is a journey of it’s own contradiction, an engagement of a dreamer and apragmatist” (quote)

This designer is available to purchase from the My-Wardrobe retailer who offer a massive range of designer and high end clothing for many different occasions, from outfits perfect for the summer weekends to those ready to be worn to those special events in your life.

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